Frequently asked questions (Q&A)

About 12 hours with the trasportation from Dalmatia.

We offer transportation from all cities in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with prior notice and agreement.

Generally speaking, no, but they can be extremely dangerous if you find yourself in the way during the fight or other extreme movements. 

You should definitely bring warm clothes, because it can be cold at the base of the mountain even in the summer. Make sure you bring a cell phone or camera because you will want to remember/capture the adventure.

Yes. You can feed some horses with fruit, vegetables or bread but most like salt.

No, but they will approach you if they feel safe in your vicinity.

If one of the horses approaches you, make sure to avoid any sudden moements and unforseen sounds. Follow the instructions of your guide in order for you and the wild horses to stay as comfortable as possible.

It depends on the time of year and the weather conditions. Sometimes, the search may take several hours.

Livno is located in Bosnia i Herzegovina, just across the boarder with the Republic of Croatia. LOKACIJA

No. For the vast majority of European and world countries you do not need a Visa. You need a passport or identity card (for EU countries). You can check more at the link below.

Of course. Enter ''Livno'' into your navigation system, follow the instructions and then we can take you to visit wild horses by our cross country vehicles.

Yes, of course. Horses are located at the base of Cincar Mountain and you can ebark on your own adventure of exploring an finding wild horses. But, we strongly advise you to take a tour with a pofessional guide.

Yes. You and your children can enjoy all the amenities of our excursions.

We usually use cross country vehicles NissanPatrol and Mitsubishi Pajero.

Yes. Although we do not have them in the standard offer, we can certainly make an interesting multi-day tour to suit your interests.
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