"654" Adventure is waiting for you!

Our program takes you on an unforgettable journey to one of the most beautiful destinations. Livno has about 2,250 hours of sunshine a year, which offers ideal conditions for outdoor activities. 

Activities included

Don't worry about organizing excursions and activities, just relax and enjoy! Offer includes 5 nights in Continental Adventure Resort, and 4 listed activities

Program adjusted to you

The travel program is not age-limited and can be adapted if necessary.

6 days, 5 nights, 4 activities


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Stur.ba Canoeing 

The tour takes you to the most beautiful river in Livno, Sturba.The flow of the River Sturba is extremely quiet and very suitable for relaxed canoeing, which makes this excursion suitable for all ages. Our partners Stur.ba will explain how to operate a canoe and other equipment. You'll get waterproof bags to store your cell phones and other valuables in a safe place. Through a leisurely ride, the guide/skipper will introduce you to the flora and fauna of this area where you can see a large number of different birds. During the tour, the guide will take several photos that will be available for free download afterwards. Canoeing takes about 1hour and 30 minutes. After the ride you can enjoy the excursion site Crna Stina where you can relax, swim, walk and taste local specialties prepared and served on the riverbank.
*lunch included

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E-Bike Ride (8h rent)

In an adventurous ride of an electric bicycle, you will experience the hilly parts of Livno and its surroundings, unique nature full of mountains, rivers, lakes and forests. Such an adventure can be experienced thanks to the company Rimac Automobili. They are the producers of one of the best electric bicycles, Greyp, featuring technology of the fastest car in the world, Nevera.


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ATV Ride (8h rent)

If you are an adrenaline seeker and you need something faster than an electric bike and more exciting than hiking, then four-wheeler rides are the right choice for you. You can choose from several marked tours that are divided by difficulty and tour time, or you can go for a free ride and explore our destination. Our guides will guide you on the basics of driving and using your vehicle, and provide tips for the best route. We like to highlight our tours around Lake Mandek and along the River Sturba, or you can also venture to climb Tušnica Mountain.

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Wild Horses Photo Safari

If you are feeling a little adventurous you can plan a vacation in some of the best spots in nature. Need further inspiration? We got you covered with Wild Horses Photo Safari as a unique experience of the Livno region. During this activity you will enjoy the expanse of Cincar Mountain where wild horses live completely free.

Choose your destination home

"654 offer" including 5 nights at A-Frame "Kamešnica"


1 person - 890,00 EUR/person
2 persons - 560,00 EUR/person
3 persons  - 440,00 EUR/person
4 persons - 390,00 EUR/person
5 persons - 350,00 EUR/person
6 persons - 330,00 EUR/person

Summer Season (July - Sept)

1 person - 1140,00 EUR/person
2 persons - 680,00 EUR/person
3 persons - 520,00 EUR/person
4 persons - 450,00 EUR/person
5 persons - 400,00 EUR/person
6 persons - 370,00 EUR/person

"654 offer" including 5 nights at Glamping Dome "Zoran Tadić"


1 person - 770,00 EUR/person
2 persons - 490,00 EUR/person
3 persons  - 400,00 EUR/person
4 persons - 350,00 EUR/person

Summer season (July - Sept)

1 person - 1100,00 EUR/person
2 persons - 660,00 EUR/person
3 persons - 510,00 EUR/person
4 persons - 440,00 EUR/person

  • Kids up to 12 years - 50% discount
  • Kids under 3 years - FREE OF CHARGE
  • ATV ride includes only the rental of the vehicle 
  • Wild Horses Safari - the meal is not included
  • During the winter time Nov.-Apr. instead of canoeing we take you on a historical tour of the city - lunch included

If desired, we offer you the possibility of making your own program, choosing the number of nights and facilities.
You can make your reservation or inquiry through our contact form. Describe your planned vacation and our team will give you all the necessary details and information.



Our destination and all excursions are located on the trails of ViaDinarica.

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